Non-Infectious Diseases

Educate yourself about major medical risks like cancer, heart disease

Non-Infectious DiseasesAs we get older, many of the chronic ailments that we paid little attention to in our youth suddenly become sources of constant worry. In particular, many non-infectious diseases like cancer, stroke and heart disease become personal health challenges that require treatment and management throughout our senior years.

Many of these diseases affect the elderly because they are the culmination of lifelong health choices. Kidney disease and liver disease, for instance, can be the price we pay for earlier lifestyle choices, while heart disease is often tied to our dietary history.

Thankfully, seniors in North America enjoy the most advanced medical treatment facilities, and the most comprehensive health information services, in human history. Any senior who, wisely, seeks to educate themselves about the major medical risks ahead of them will find no lack of resources to help those efforts.

Patient education and self-care are fundamental to healthy aging and to managing your medical issues effectively.

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