Mental Health

Depression and Dementia are leading causes of concern for seniors

Mental HealthOur bodies change as we get older; so do our moods and mental faculties. In fact, geriatric mental health is one of the most rapidly growing areas of study by medical professionals. And, just as it is important to manage our physical health proactively in our senior years, so is it vital to monitor changes in our mental health.

Depression among the elderly has become a major national health issue, leading to suicide rates that are twice that of the general population. Identifying and treating geriatric depression – which is often linked to other medical problems – is a growing health priority for individuals, families and communities alike.

Sometimes, mental infirmities associated with age have a different aspect and are harder to treat. Alzheimer’s disease plagues many seniors in later life, and it is estimated that 37% of people over 90 are affected by dementia.

Caring for our senior population is a community responsibility, and that means we all need to educate ourselves about mental health issues affecting this part of the population.

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